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HNC/HND in Healthcare Practice for England (Healthcare Management)

The fast-paced and developing healthcare sector is one of the largest employers in the UK, with skilled and proactive practitioners in high demand. Our HND in Healthcare Practice provides you with the opportunity to pursue a meaningful career while also helping others.


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The healthcare sector in England employs around 1.3 million individuals across a variety of professional pathways and locations. This degree prepares you for a career in healthcare and may lead to further specialist study if you choose that path.

Our HNC/HND in Healthcare Practice for England (Healthcare Management) gives you a solid understanding of the healthcare environment in England by combining work-based experience and practical study. You will gain work experience in a hospital context, providing you the necessary practical skills and knowledge to pursue a career in this exciting field.

Studying our HNC/HND in Healthcare Practice for England will provide you with transferable abilities that may be employed in a variety of healthcare vocations. It will also prepare you for undergraduate studies in specialised fields like health and social care or public health.

For those already working in healthcare, it provides an opportunity to advance your career by improving your skills, knowledge, and understanding of your profession. It will also assist you in establishing a clear path into future healthcare careers.

Are you wanting to start a career in healthcare?

Do you want to specialize in a specific healthcare practice?

Are you committed to continuous professional development (CPD)?

This certificate will give you with all of the necessary building blocks for a rewarding and successful career in the healthcare industry.

September 2024
2 Year
Awarded Qualification
HNC/HND in Healthcare Practice for England (Healthcare Management)
London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds
£6,000 per year

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FAQs for HNC/HND in Healthcare Practice for England (Healthcare Management)

The HND in Healthcare Practice at Unique Mark Limited aims to develop a comprehensive awareness of major components of the English healthcare system, as well as the skills required to be effective in various fields of Health and Social Care. This is an excellent introduction to the industry for individuals interested in pursuing a healthcare career. Those already working in healthcare will benefit from increased knowledge and comprehension. You will also be helped to plan for success in your future healthcare career.

This two-year healthcare management course will provide you with a degree of awareness that will open up a new universe of prospects for your future career. As you gain greater knowledge of the healthcare environment in England, your practical skills will improve through rewarding work-based experiences.
You will complete your work experience in a healthcare setting, providing you with the ideal atmosphere to develop and practice the skills required for a successful career in the health sector.

The knowledge, practice, and progression you get during your HND in Healthcare Practice courses will help you lay the groundwork for future success in your profession, whether you choose a private, social, or public healthcare path. You will be able to pursue careers in Healthcare Management, Care Home Management, Practice/Clinic Administration, and Patient Services.


Our HND in Healthcare Practice course is offered at four campuses in Birmingham, London, Leeds, and Manchester. All four campuses provide you with the resources and support you need to succeed in the classroom, as well as a diverse range of activities to enjoy in your spare time.


At Unique Mark Limited, we realize the necessity of designing a course that fits in with our students’ life as closely as possible. As a result, our HND in Healthcare Practice is accessible on weekdays (10:00am – 05:00pm), giving you the flexibility you need to maintain a balanced lifestyle both inside and outside of the classroom.


Level 3 qualification or equivalent
An Access to Higher Education Certificate

English Proficiency
Students who are non-native English speakers or who have not studied Level 3 in the United Kingdom are expected to hold an accepted English language B2 (CEFR)

All applicants must pass an Academic Interview

Work Experience
Exceptional entry route: 2 years of relevant work experience

Applications From Students 21+
We welcome applications from students 21+ who do not match the standard entry requirements but who can demonstrate willingness and commitment to studying this subject at the University level, and who can evidence academic, professional or vocational experience in a related field.

– Supporting Documents
– Panel Interview
– Final Decision

Your HND in Healthcare Practice will allow you to grow gradually in your understanding of the English healthcare system, with a variety of exercises and materials designed to help you become a leading graduate with a promising future in healthcare. During your first year, you will develop a firm understanding of the core principles and practices that govern the English healthcare system.
The second year gives you a more nuanced understanding of the first year’s topics, such as Global Health and Wellbeing, Managing Quality in the Care Environment, and Project Management for Healthcare.

There are no formal examinations required for this course. Your assessments will be undertaken in several other ways including:

-Individual presentations
-Writing an assignment
-Analysing case studies
-Completing a portfolio of evidence
-Writing reports
-Role Plays
-Professional discussion

You will be required to work in your own time to complete research, homework activities or group work. Self-study is vital to your success in this course and lecturers will give you guidance on how best to approach this throughout the study period.

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