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Welcome to Unique Mark Limited.

Welcome to UNIQUE MARK LIMITED, an established student training and consultancy company dedicated to helping you reach your professional academic needs.

We are specialised in training on Health and Social care and recruiting learners into their ideal college or university so that any of our clients can acquire the academic or career goals they have set up for themselves.

Since the establishment, the organisation has been dealing with various UK educational institutions (Both Universities and Colleges) and many students who have been successfully placed in different institutions in UK.

uniquemark, Unique Mark Limited
uniquemark, Unique Mark Limited

Unique Mark Mission

The mission of UNIQUE MARK LIMITED is to work alongside students to lay the foundations for long-term success in their professional development. We see education as a lifelong process; as such, it is our responsibility to encourage students to be receptive to the ever-changing employment landscape by developing an active involvement in learning while studying at UNIQUE MARK LIMITED.

Our mission extends to promoting accessibility, quality of service, equality of opportunity, and providing students with a safe and supportive environment.

Unique Mark Vision

UNIQUE MARK LTD. is a well-reputed education consultancy firm. It has been successful in providing affordable, high-quality education to students from the United Kingdom.

UNIQUE MARK LIMITED has developed a sustainable and student-focused teaching model that supports individuals from a wide variety of social backgrounds, including those within communities who are traditionally less likely to access higher education.

Many of our students have been away from formal education for many years or have significant caring and existing career commitments; this results in a strong contribution to social and career mobility through the student community.

Unique Mark Limited

Our Core Values

We are driven by our core values ‘ethics, expertise and leadership’. We believe that honesty paves the way for true success. In line with our values, we strongly discourage students from using any fraudulent means for pursuing their studies and training in UK.