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BA (Hons) Business and Management Progression Route (Level 6)


Modern organizations are looking for business professionals who not only have relevant knowledge and skills, but who are ready to join their teams and make a difference.  This one-year degree top-up course will extend your business knowledge and practical business skills and enable you to convert your HND into a full bachelor’s degree with the skills you develop during this top-up degree course, you’ll be ready – and qualified – to take on the challenges of any modern workplace. Enquire Now!





On this Level 6 top-up degree course, you will further develop your understanding of the theory and practice of modern business. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunities and support needed to develop the core skills you need to excel in business.

The modules of the course will introduce you to key concepts in organizational strategy, leadership, and management.  The practical work and assessments throughout the course focus on what you’d encounter in the professional world: pitching, presenting, reporting, managing groups and leading projects.

As a business professional, you’ll need to be ahead of the game with your understanding and analysis of the latest thinking around the subject of management.  For this reason, a dedicated module on New Trends in Management will ensure your knowledge is current.

You’ll gain valuable skills and knowledge that you can apply in a wide range of situations in any sector. As a graduate of Business and Management, your career options will be wide and diverse, including opportunities at both large and small organizations, in the private or public sectors, and even starting and managing your own business.


Intakes: September, January, June

Duration: 1 year

Awarding Institution: Bath Spa University

Awarded Degree: BA (Hons) Business and Management

Delivery Weekdays, evenings, and/or weekends

Locations: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds

Fees: £9,250 per year

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