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BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management with Foundation Year

BSc Hons Accounting and Financial Management

Whether you want to work in accounting and financial management or start and run your own successful business, numbers will be critical to your success. This degree programme will provide you with the latest ideas, theories, and applicable practical skills in the exciting subject of accounting and financial management.


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Our industry-focused program provides an accounting and finance degree, preparing you for a professional, managerial, or corporate job. It will provide you with the highly sought-after employability skills that employers are searching for, opening up prospects for professional advancement and growth.

You’ll gain expertise on a wide range of accountancy and finance issues by combining academic learning with practical experience. These include financial reporting, management accounting, auditing and assurance, taxation, legislation, and corporate finance.

The Institute of Financial Accountants and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants provide exemptions for graduates of this course when applying for membership.

The foundation year will prepare you for university-level study by introducing you to key accounting and financial management settings and concepts that will help you continue through the rest of the course.

Committing to degree-level education will provide you with transferable abilities that can be employed in any employment scenario, whether it’s moving up the corporate ladder in accounting and financial management or making an impact as an entrepreneur.

What work-related insights can help you advance in your career?

How do you handle accounting and financial responsibilities while running a business?

Which business ideas and theories have the largest financial implications?

Our accounting and financial management degree will provide you with the necessary foundational and particular accounting and financial skills to launch a successful career that aligns with your objectives.

September, January, June
4 years
Awarded Degree
BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management
Weekdays, evenings, and/or weekends
London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds
£9,250 per year

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FAQs for BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management with Foundation Year

Our BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management course with Foundation Year is an excellent development pathway, particularly for those interested in a new profession in financial management or starting their own business. This degree program combines a thorough understanding of current ideas with practical abilities, preparing you for a successful career in accounting or financial management.

This four-year study will help you gain a deep and measured grasp of the accounting and financial management industries. You’ll begin the course with a foundational year that introduces you to fundamental concepts and themes while also preparing you for the demands of undergraduate studies in a broader sense. The next three years will steadily increase your sector knowledge and entire skill set, including the talents that industry leaders are looking for.

Your new skills and experiences will enable you to be impactful across various careers within accounting and financial management. The career paths you’ll be able to consider include:
– Accountancy
– Actuary
– Auditing

– Banking
– Business Analysis
– Business Financial Management
– Business Management (general)
– Financial Planning
– Procurement

In addition to the positions listed above, you’ll also have the necessary abilities to start your own business, with the knowledge that will be there to provide you with the right support.


Our BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management course with Foundation Year is accessible at four campuses: Birmingham, London, Leeds, and Manchester. All four destinations offer a wide range of on-site resources and student assistance to help you succeed in the classroom, as well as plenty to see and do in your spare time.

At Unique Mark Ltd, we understand that finding a course that fits into your life is critical for getting the most out of your education. As a result, our BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management degree with Foundation Year is accessible on weekdays, evenings, and weekends, giving you the flexibility you need to maintain a balanced lifestyle both inside and outside of the classroom.

Standard entry requirements (applicants under 21 years)
80 UCAS tariff points or equivalent qualifications (e.g. 60 Credit Ofqual qualification at level 3). 5 GCSEs at Grade C/4 or above or equivalent qualifications. Applicants who do not meet the above entry requirements will be considered on an individual basis.

All applicants are assessed by the admissions team via an interview for listening and speaking, with a numeracy test and for writing via a personal reflection statement.

Applicants aged 21+
If applicants aged 21+ do not meet the standard entry requirements, we will also consider those with life/work skills which would make them suitable for undergraduate study with our Foundation programme.

All Applicants
All applicants must be assessed by the Unique Mark Limited admissions team via an interview for listening and speaking skills, with a numeracy test and writing via a statement of personal reflection.

Process required:
– Application form
– Supervised Personal reflection statement
– Numeracy test
– Personal interview


This course will provide you with a comprehensive grasp of the financial business, with a mix of theoretical and practical study throughout your studies. Your foundational year of studies is intended to provide you with a core understanding of major industry concepts, as well as necessary preparation for the start of your Bachelor’s degree.

Year 1 of your studies will improve your grasp of the industry’s key components, including an introduction module called Management Accounting I and learning about the Dynamic Business Environment. Your second year introduces you to more specialist sectors of the industry, with a more intensive learning framework, including courses such as Management Accounting II, Business and Corporate Law, Financial Reporting, and Leadership and Change. Your final year will include several necessary modules, as well as the option of completing a dissertation or combining the Business Ethics module with a research project.

This course gives you numerous opportunity to test your knowledge and refine your abilities using ‘formative’ assessment. A formative assessment will be done prior to your formal’summative’ assessment, which will decide your final grade.

Each module typically includes at least one item of formative evaluation on which you will receive feedback from your course staff. Formative assessments are solely for developmental purposes and do not contribute toward your final module mark. They are intended to help you gain more knowledge and confidence in the module topic and formal evaluation methods. Students who do not participate in informal assessments frequently struggle with Foundation Year progression and subsequent academic levels.


The official summative assessment usually takes place at the end of each module. Written exams and various types of coursework, such as reports, portfolios, essays, and presentations, are examples of assessment methods. Summative assessment marks are applied to your final module mark at Unique Mark Limited. Assessment procedures are reviewed every year and may be updated in response to feedback from students or External Examiners, who are independent academic experts appointed by Canterbury Christ Church University to provide external assurance regarding the academic standards of your course.


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